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I gave up playing football about 20 years ago and became a fulltime spectator.

All very nice until I hit 50 and realised I had to get more active. I started out by buying a few second hand gym machices on Ebay, hoping they'd see some use and not just gather dust.

I had a treadmill, rowing machine and a static exercise bike. I believe my first gym session consisited of about 30 seconds on each machine !!

I still have the records which I occassionly glance at if I feel like i'm not doing enough or if I need to embarass or laugh at myself.

That was about 4 years ago and whilst I could be fitter and trimmer today I am so glad that I took that first step to living a little healthier. 

A big help for me was definately the amount of activities and challenges that are available through the charity networks. 

If you have an event to prepare for it gives you the spur to get out and train .. 

My current event is to cycle from London to Paris on July 22nd 2015. Its my bggest challenge to date. Over the last few years, I have completed the 13 bridges challemge for the stroke association on 4 occasions, London to Southend twice and London to Hastings.

I have a couple more cycle rides planned for later in the summer and then I will taking on my first half marathon at Chelmsford in October.

I do not always go down the sponsorship route as I realise people can be inudated with requests. I always pay the event fees myself as I would not want a percentage of any sponsorship I am lucky enough to get to have to pay my costs.  

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