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Maksim Kotlov

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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

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Hello visitors!

My name is Maksim, I love Science, Technology, Research and a deep thought. :D Love to smile to difficulties. Born in Estonia, studied and raised in Aberdeen :) To be clearly honest that's my first time raising funds. My main intentions (for creating this page and volunteering) are to help and serve people. I feel that i have recieved enough support from all around. Willing to pay back and become more useful!

Motivation for fundrasing: ?!?

1) Moral values :) It is not about getting the most, some people are in need more than us.

2) Helping charities is something that everyone should try at least once in life.

3) Personal pleasure of self-worthness! Making a change. Improvement. Support.

If You (My dear reader) feel what I feel, and share my view, make yourself a present, make a good deed.

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