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My name is Pierre and I am a french expat who have been living in UK for the last 12 years. 

Most of my professional experience has been nearly working for the same company, a subcontractor company of Eurostar dealing with the Customer Service on board their trains between Belgium, France and UK. 

After evolving within my company I became HR Manager in 2010 managing now 400 employees. 

A busy schedule but an increasing need to help others. I lost my family in the space of few years and I have always wanted to help elderly people which I think comes from the fact that I was very close to my grand parents when I was a child. 

I am willing to help those vulnerable elderly people as for me they are full of experience and knowledge and if I can spare few hours a day to keep them company, do their grocery, or just have a conversation with them, I will be pleased to have contributed to diminish their feeling of isolation or loneliness. I feel I understand senior people since I was very close to my grandparents who nealry raised me as a kid. If I can try to make a difference for them then this will be my personal goal and commitment. 


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