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Hi I’m Damien and I own Magic mayhem productions I have a keen interest to raise as much money as possible so have started something called Magic Mayhem’s charity commission.

What is Magic Mayhem charity commission??

At magic mayhem we run the markets best online ticketing system allowing events and gigs of any size to sell tickets online via our free to use system.

You contact us with the: name, date, time, location and cost of your event or simply use the form below. We then set up a buy tickets page on-line for free within one working day.

From there costumers can perches tickets in the form of a good old fashioned physical ticket. A text ticket sent to their mobile or one of our E tickets.

Upon arrival authenticating tickets/ check in can be done simply efficiently and professionally. With text tickets simply check the text came from our number and have the costumer delete the text. With our E tickets or physical tickets its even essayer. Both our physical and E tickets come with a QR code  that can be scanned by any free QR code scanner. By any device that has internet access. This will then link you to a webpage simply saying ticket valid. Once that link has been seen it cannot be seen again guaranteeing that each code is use once and only once.

So how does this raise money for charity? After your event is over we donate a cut of our profit to the charity of your choice.

So by taking advantage of the world’s best online ticketing system you also do your bit to help raise thousands of pounds for charities across the nation!

If you’re not running an event but you refer anyone to our system you can still claim the all-important cash for your charity!

Message me for more info!

We hope you are willing to help support this project Magic Mayhem have set a goal to raise £100,000 for charities across the UK throw the charities commission. Pleas show your support by referring a band event or venue to our free online ticketing system.

Many thanks

Damien, Magic mayhem productions

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