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I am retired (mainly for health reasons as I used to love to work)  Just the pleasure of doing things to help people was reward enough although I always enjoyed the little extra cash.  My husband is retired too so we don't have a lot to give away and choose carefully who to give it to.  I mainly support Siloam (various appeals there), United Christian Broadcasters and CWR.  My husband likes to help the Salvation Army and we both give to our own church.

We used to love walking but due to arthritic and chest problems I cannot walk far now, and my husband has just had his 2nd hip transplant so he's hoping to get back to walking in the near future.

We do love exploring the countryside and I like photography.  We enjoy our church activities.

My motivation for giving to charities is from my Christian beliefs - to love my neighbour (even if he is in India or wherever) as myself.  We have so much, even though we are pensioners, so I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do this.

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