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Hi there, 

Im 16, and I moved to Paris in April of 2013 though originally British and prior to France lived in Western Australia for 2 years. I am studying for an International baccalaureate at an International school. It's been a hard time for me so far and I wanted to get involved in something community based/helpful for a sense of fulfillment and connection with others. I am a really open person and I would like to help in any area of charitable work that I can. I'm a fortunate person with an lot of opportunities and time and I think that helping others is a great way of making the most of what I have. I have done previously some school based charity work at a Salvation Army store as well as at a home for the elderly, however this is the first time I have attemped organizing charity work alone but I am hopeful that there will be somthing, even small, that I can do. My interests vary from running, to piano, to simple teenage things like surfing YouTube! I really value a strong work ethic alongside he good hearted sense of humour. 

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