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Hello! I'm Matthew and I like going on adventures and raising money for a cause close to my heart while I do it. So far I have walked the 500 Mile Camino de Santiago, the 93 Mile Hadrians Wall and cycled 1,152 miles from Cornwall to Orkney.

This summer I will cycle, with my buddy Dan, more than 4000 miles from London to Istanbul, through 13 countries. It won't be easy, so please throw me a few quid for the effort if you can!

I'm raising money for two charities working in the school that I have worked in since 2008. I love working here, and the children are fantastic and well deserving of some new playground equipment.

The two charities are:

1) FOSS, the PTA: Money raised will go towards new playground equipment for the children

2) Parent Hour: A free counselling service to parents. (FOSS will donate 50% of the proceeds to Parent Hour).


Matthew :)

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Total money raised so far: £680.00


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