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 Hi Everyone

I am running the British 10k on the 12th of July to raise funds for the Andean Medical Mission. We work in remote locations in Northern Bolivia to identify people who are blind or at risk of blindness and provide medical and surgical treatment to maintain their sight.

Being a blind person in the Amazon is extremely hard. There are so many dangers and obstacles that make living here with no vision almost impossible to comprehend.

It is an amazing thing to take someone who may have been blind for many years and with a simple and safe operation give them back their vision and all the benefits that go with being able to see. What is also amazing is that it only costs £50 or so to carry out this procedure for one person.

I would be ever so grateful if you would sponsor me and help to change someone’s life in a part of our world with almost no eye care services apart from the work of AMM.


Kind regads


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