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Lucy Phillips

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I am part of the small team that is Leicester Print Workshop. Actually whilst the staff team is small, LPW is huge!  We have lots of artists, learners, trustees and volunteers who collectively make up the organisation and we are all really looking forward to moving to our new premises.  

I've been working at LPW since 2007, originally as a volunteer and then as Director.  Our fundraising has been going well but we are not over the line yet.  As I write this, we need another £32,000 to buy the equipment that will really help to make our studio exemplary. Once it''s bought though it will last for centuries!  (We have one press that was made in 1830s doing the job it was designed for, requiring no upgrade or replacement just a squirt of oil from time to time!)

If you share my enthusiam to get Leicester Print Workshop into fit for purpose premises and to give more people the opportunity to make art, then please consider donating via this page.  You can sponsor me to do the walk or the run or you can just donate or contact me to buy some raffle tickets (   My friend and colleague, Katharine, and I are organising some gigs in May and June so if you want to know more about that, please revisit this Charity Choice page or sign up by sending your email to  We'll probably put them on the LPW facebook page too.

Thank you.

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