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Luca Sergi

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Sutton, Surrey

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I am Luca and I come in England from the South of Italy (Apulia region).

I lived in a wild sea place surrounded only by the nature. My place it is so much uncontaminated by factories or tourism that developed in me the love for the nature. 

So, I love to wander my place While I run, ride on my bicycle or swim.

When I was eighteen I chose to study in Italy "Environment and Workplace Prevention Techcniques" to work in the field of Health Service to prevent the Enviroment crime and to asses the safety of systems and health risk in living and working environments.

During my University period I stayed in a Salesian boarding school for 3 years and sometimes I helped the african people to learn italian language.

Now I am in London 3 months to improve my english and I would to find some opportunities about my job (If I find something, I would remain in England!)

Among my goals there is the desire to take some references, to improve my CV.

See you soon! By Luca

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