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hi im lauren-eden but u can call me lozza i am 12 almost 13 years old and am intrested in starting to raise money for charity here is a bit about the two main charitys i want to start fundraising/voluntiring for first;


SANE was established in 1986 to improve the quality of life for people affected by mental illness, following the overwhelming public response to a series of articles published in The Times entitles the Forgotten Illness, written by SANE founder and Chief Executive Marjorie Wallace.

SANE is a national charity working to improve the quality of life of anyone affected by mental illness. The problems suffered by individuals can easily have an effect on many more people. Family and friends often feel just as helpless and isolated. Therefore, SANE’s objectives are:

  • SERVICES: To provide care and emotional support for people with mental health problems, their families, friends and carers as well as information for other organisations and the general public.

  • CAMPAIGNING: To raise awareness and combat stigma about mental illness, educating and campaigning to improve mental health services.

  • RESEARCH: To initiate research into the causes and treatments of serious mental illness such as schizophrenia and depression and the psychological and social impact of mental illness.


One child in 600 develops cancer - around 1,700 new cases a year in the UK and Ireland. Through its network of treatment centres, the CCLG aims to provide the best possible treatment for all children with cancer and leukaemia, wherever they live, as close to home as possible. Survival for children with cancer has improved from less than 10% in 1970 to 75% in 2007. This is largely due to the clinical trials and laboratory research conducted by members of the CCLG. Our aim is to cure even more children and to ensure a normal future - both physical and emotional - for those survivors. Funding and support is always required.

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