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I have set up this page in memory of Jim Henderson my Father who died at the age of 56 in July 2012 of Marfan syndrome and now myself, family and friends are trying to raising money for Marfan Association UK.


The Marfan Association fundraises to cover 3 vital needs: Support, Education and Research.


Many Doctors have not even heard of the disorder so it is vital that early diagnosis is given and effective treatment prescribed, however, there is still currently no cure for Marfan syndrome, which is why we need to raise as much money as possible so we can eventually find one.


For those of you that don't know Marfan syndrome is a condition that affects the body's connective tissues; this includes the eyes, heart, lungs and skeleton. Marfan syndrome is usually genetic but in some cases spontaneous.


I myself have been diagnosed with the condition and I am finding it very difficult, my Father meant the world to me and this is why I am hoping to raise the awareness of Marfan syndrome and I know he would be very proud of what I am doing.


Please help me in my efforts to raise awareness for Marfan syndrome. 


Love you Always



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