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Hello everyone Ė

As some of you probably know, Iím in training for the London Marathon which will be on 22nd April (Countdown: 4 weeks Ė eeeeeek!). Iíve never run further than a half of one before and if the latest training runs are anything to go by, itís going to hurtÖ a lot.

Iím running to raise money for the Rotary Club Charity Fund and St. Christopherís Hospice in South East London. They are both very worthy charities and Iím proud to be running for them.  

Primarily Rotary endeavour to eradicate polio throughout the World but the sponsorship I raise will also go to other local charities such as the MS Society and Sittingbourne Youth Development Fund. 

Thank you all very much in advance for your support!


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Total money raised so far: £1,174.90


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