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A primary center point of McGovern Allergy and Asthma Clinic's health care strategy is preventative care. We are able to educate our patients with strategies for preventing known allergens once a diagnosis is made. In addition , we stress self-attention.

If allergens are unable to be prevented, we educate our patients the best way to deal with the allergy when it flare ups with symptomatic drugs that are safe, like inhalers for asthma patients. In addition , we educate our patients what to do in case of crises including insect stings.

Today, London Allergy Clinic’s board of certified specialists, and staff, continue their groundbreaking treatment of allergies and allergy-associated disorders from a contemporary facility in London.

Our facility provides convenient accessibility for patients, as well as free covered parking, appealing buildings, and state of the art lab, where all antigens are examined according to individual patient conditions.

For over fifty years, asthma and allergy sufferers have turned to London Allergy Care and Knowledge. Our philosophy is to educate each patient about allergic disorders as well as their direction to alleviate suffering and promote the total enjoyment of day-to-day tasks.

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