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I am I third year Sheffield Hallam student, studying Sports development with coaching degree. I have recently won the opportunity through my university to be one of only 80 people globally to take part in Balloon Kenya.

Balloon Kenya brings exceptional young people from around the world to work in Kenya for 6 weeks with budding local entrepreneurs. Our volunterring meeans that we can help build and create the bisuness that these compnaies want to run this can make a huge difference and is a great way to help communities out of poverty.

I really want to take part in this programme because i want to make a change, getting to experiance what these coummunities are going through and the passion that they have to run there own buisness that deserve to be brought to life.

I want to have an impact on the world and know that it has changed peoples lives for the better.

University has taught me to take every opportunity that come your way. I was lucky to be selected for Balloon Kenya and i really want to make the most of the experiace to make the biggest impact, this can only happen with your donations. Anthing no matter how big all small will make a huge difference to the communities in Kenya.

Thank you.

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