Lionel Biu

Lionel Biu

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London, London (Greater London)

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I have gained over 4 years’ experience working within healthcare as frontline staff in a hospital based setting.

During my roles I have participated in a multitude of projects with the goal of promoting health. 

I have been involved with projects which goals include; improving patient experience, raising money, expanding the accessibility of medical information and reducing waste. This has involved me assisting with audits, writing reports and liaising with external companies and the public.

My roles have also given me opportunity to counsel patients, the public and other healthcare/social workers, via face to face meeting, presentations or phone setting on the safe and effective way to use their medication as well as advice on lifestyle changes. I have encountered people from a variety of specialties including those with cancer. Many have been in distress so I also attest to being able to communicate effectively in undesirable situations and still remain professional and helpful.

I currently finished my NVQ Level 3 Pharmacy/Health Services qualification which required me to gain knowledge on human physiology, diseases and the available treatment. This qualification also was work based assessed and required me to be assessed on my effectiveness to provide a world-class healthcare service to the public.

  I am computer literate with a working knowledge of many programs including WORD and EXCEL. I know how to prioritise daily workload and can work under immense pressure and deadlines. I can work in a team and independently using my own initiative. I have also developed effective customer relation skills.

  My best attribute is the ability to communicate complex and expansive ideas/information so it is easier to understand. This is an attribute I have used continuously, especially when counselling patients through different medicines regimes.

I want to further gain more experience/opportunities in projects promoting health awareness. It has become a passion of mine and I would eventually want to develop my own foundation to improve the health of the nation.




Lionel Biu

BEN: Automotive Industry Charity                                                                                                                   July 2008-July 2010

Volunteer- Project Assistant

Duties: I assisted in the basic administration of this non-profit organisation. I took part in presentations to various donators to explain the importance of this charity and the work it has done for those affected by the collapse of the automobile manufacturing industry in the UK. I also negotiated with car shows and fairs for us to be able to be a partner and the chance to make presentations to the public for donations.



  • § As acting team leader in sales I would sell raffle tickets for our yearly prize giveaway and was one of the top 5 sellers.
  • § I helped raise £32,000+ within a month for our cause.
  • § I was part of the team which was able to secure BMW as a donator to our charity. 

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