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I started taking part in muddy obstacle races a couple of years ago after joining BMF to improve my fitness levels and although I've now done a few different races I enjoy coming back to take part in the Spartan race... and this year, as it falls on the 10th anniversary of my dads very sudden and unexpected death, I have decided to fundraise for a relevant charity (I've tried not to ask for money for all the events I've taken part in during the last couple of years as the aim of the races has been to challenge myself and have fun with like minded mad friends).

The charity I've chosen this time is Tayside Mountain Rescue.  I grew up in the country and can appreciate that they help people in a variety of circumstances - from the most to the least prepared walkers/climbers etc to those working and living in rural areas.

I hope you feel able to support this charity and any donations will also help motivate me to improve on my past course times!! 

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Total money raised so far: £55.00


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