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Iíve been a smoker since my school years, once an avid cross country runner now I can barely run a mile without feeling the strain. I started when I was young, and Iíve got to be honest I felt it gave me the cool factor. Now Iím getting older I feel my body canít bounce back as quickly. Iíve started eating right and Iím attempting the gym, therefore quitting smoking seems like the natural progression.

Luckily Iím being sponsored by a local company . They deal in android technology and create smart tv boxes. So hereís a big thank you!

I know itís not going to be easy, in fact Iíve tried many times before a failed miserably. But this time itís serious. I failed to mention Iím becoming a father soon, so thatís a real motivator and if I donít make it this time Iím scared what my girlfriend may do!

So to everyone out there please show your support, and if your trying to give out yourself good luck to you.

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