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Dawn Maguire

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Grantham, Lincolnshire

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 Im a mum of three sons,living in lincolnshire. One is serving in Afghanistan as i write this. We hve suffered a lot of hardship and difficulties over the years especially during my abusive  marriage to my childrens father where we became homeless a few times. In 2006 i was injured in a road accident which changed our lives completely.

Weve rebuilt our lives to some degree, my sons are happy well balanced young men and i am now studying at University . I would like to give something back, i would like to do more with my life than just exist, im very lucky to be where i am, and i know from experiance not everyone is as lucky through no fault of their own.  

I think if i can do something of some worth for another human being its a start..Im not afraid of hard work ,i just want to be of some use .

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