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Hi everyone 

I am Leanne Hoad

I support individuals who have an acquired brain injury 

Within the daily support I offer individuals help with choices in daily life & assist them in daily living.

I have trained and worked closely with individuals & decided following a massive weight loss 

that I would attempt to achieve something I've never done before. 

Manchester 10k is my first ever run and I run it for Injury Advice Trust, a charity close to

my heart as it was founded by my manager and I do this for her.

A personal message to say thank you for your support and having faith in me during my experiences with this intense challenging yet rewarding role. 

Working with individuals and families who've experienced traumatic brain injuries has taught me 

so much and I reach out to you to make a small donation to support those who've been affected by AbI 

thank you for taking the time to read this and wish me luck 

Leanne xxx

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