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I am interested in volunteering primarily with Animals and Children but I am open to any offers. I have a passion for the natural world and wildlife which filters through into many aspects of my life; I am currently making a nature documentary and take my friends, family and my German Sheperd (Meg) on regular countryside walks. In my free time I love to go charity shopping; as is reflected through my wardrobe which is at least half full with charity shop finds, don't worry though, I also donate to these shops regularly so I'm not leaving the shops with empty rails for long! I have had an adoration towards animals since i can rememeber; while most girls were cooing over the new 'barbie' doll I was pleading with my mom to buy me the encloypedia on Dog breeds (which now still sits in its pride of place on my bookcase as it has been for about 7 years.) I am easily contactable through my mobile and look forward to hearing from you.

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