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kuldeep kalsi

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 I have good listening, organisation, communication and creative skills. I am also very patient and enthusiastic. 

  I have helped out with fundraising many times eg selling raffles in school, sponsoring orphans in other countries, doing easter and summer sales. Also sending christmas presents to poor children in India. Raising money for children to be educated & for Children in Need. One of my recent achievements was running for race for life 2012. It was great fun and people were really inspiring !

 I enjoy meeting new people and making friends, i feel i have the right approach to do this as im friendly and polite. I also like to be in different environments and learn new skills. 

I enjoy art i sketch lots of things in my free time - im quite good at doing people. I love reading books. I like running events -(the only event i do at sports day) & charity runs. I would really like to volunteer with children as i may be considering a future career with children eg teaching. I think my friendly approach could be good for the elderly as I always enjoy being around my grandparents and i would like to help other elderly people.

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