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Hi there! My name is Kay and I'm interested in volunteering to help with children. I have three children of my own and I work part time as a web developer for the government. I have been interested in working with young children for a while and am currently trying to pursue a career in teaching as I want a change in career and have wanted to do teaching for a while after previously volunteering at schools where I helped in the classroom. I believe I am good at talking to children and 'bringing children out of their shells' because I genuinely care.  In addition to experience at schools and looking after my own children I also have a lot of experience bany sitting my nieces, nephews and friends children, occasionally having them overnight. I would appreciate the opportunity to increase my experience as I feel this will also help me in a career in teaching!

I have many qualifications icluding an A'level in English, a degree and a masters in Computing. My interests involve spending time with my childrenand doing activities with them. As well as this I enjoy yoga, walking, cooking, baking, music, reading,  theatre, eating out and travelling. I also speak fluent Punjabi and own my own car.

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