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I'm doing the London Marathon Walk on the 24th September 2016.

26 miles (42 kilometers)


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Within hours of Florence being born we found out that she had Down's Syndrome and almost immediately my mind fast forwarded to her future, to a time when she would be a grown up and no longer protected by me or the comfort and routine of the school system? Would she be accepted in our community? Where would she work? Would she even get a job?

Not long after this I discovered a lovely new cafe in Hertford called Mudlarks which I loved straight away, before I even knew what it represented. I now know that as well as the Cafe there is a community gardening project, both of which give work experience and opportunities to people with learning difficulties and mental health issues.

As part of this community project, all trainees are learning essential skills in gardening and catering, they are building self confidence and self discipline which in turn will lead to future job opportunities.

In addition to this, Mudlarks is helping to break down social prejudices and I think this is why I love it the most. It's because of Mudlarks that I don't worry so much about Florence's future these days. Mudlarks is such an important charity as it recognises the value that Florence has to offer to the community, in the same way that we, her family and friends do.

Mudlarks is managed by a small team and many more volunteers and much of the work they do is dependant on the charitable donations they receive. So please, give what you can, it means so much to our family.

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