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My Mum was a midwife for 37 years at St Michaels Hospital and supported both SANDS and the Special Care Babies at St Michael's Hospital Bristol, NICU, throughout her many years as a midwife. My Mum is a massive inspiration to me and single handedly campaigned to fully furnish the bereavement suite at St Michaels Hospital. Through sheer determination my Mum managed to beg and borrow from local Bristol businesses that were happy to give to such a worthy cause. In the end she created the Lavender Suite, which is a beautiful place where parents who have lost their little ones can spend one last night with their loved ones. A fully fitted kitchen, fully furnished sitting room and bedroom and my Uncle also handcrafted a wooden crib for the bedroom. 


I cannot tell you how proud I am to have such an inspirational Mum, who truly believes in her cause. 


I fell like now Iíve reached a grand old age of 30 I should be giving something back too and want to carry on my Mum's good work to support SANDS (Still Birth & Neonatal Death Charity) and St Michaels NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)


I also own a creative agency called Lost & Found Creative, with 2 others. We help organisations find better ways to communicate with their audiences. We focus on supporting charities and those businesses that fall in the eco, ethical and educational sectors. Whether a charity is struggling to market their fundraising appeals or needs support with leaflet creations then we can help.


Hopefully that gives you a little into my motivations and me. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and each charity is as important as the next and truly believe that we can help in some manner, however large or small.

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