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Hello! My name is Karra, I'm 16 and I adore animals. I can't remember a point in my life where I didn't enjoy being in the company of animals. I own a lovely Staffordshire bull terrier who is the complete opposite to the horrible stereotype that Staffies are given. I also have a cat who has become closer to me in his old age, but still moves off of the sofa if I sit anywhere near him. I also recently got two ferrets, an albino named Aspen and a sable named Willow. Even after nearly a whole year of researching ferrets, they are still nothing like what I expected, but they're still very lovely. I hope to expand my furmily in the next few years, but I think right now the pets and I are happy so I'll leave them as they are.

   My general interests revolve greatly around my animals. I really ejoy early morning walks with Lola and just seeing how happy she is running around. I have recently spent a lot of time with my ferrets as due to them not being an extremely popular pet in the UK they are not particularly well socialised as kits. I did actually have one ferret sink it's nashers into me when I went to collect Aspen and Willow, thankfully they've never done anything like that themselves. They did have a problem with nipping though, especially Willow, but with a lot of time and effort they have stopped now. Next on my list is to start training them to do tricks.

   My motivation to do volunteer work is that I simply love animals. They're intelligent, humorous and so unique. Every species, every breed, every individual animal is so different and that is amazing. How anyone could ever mistreat an animal baffles and upsets me. So I guess my motivation is that seeing animals happy and comfortable makes me smile. They deserve all of the happiness in the world.

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