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Hello, My name is Kari and I am a 21 year old student from Sheffield. I have recently decided to take it upon myself to follow my childhood dream of becoming a veterinary nurse and although in my final year of University studying multimedia come September 2012 i will be going back to Sheffield City College to study Animal Management. From this i hope to do extremely well in both my education and the placements i will be undertaking and go onto looking after animals and hoping to make them fighting fit. I have previously worked at the charity shop for the RSPCA although studies proved to interfere with my time here and regularly donate clothing to charity donation bags. I am going to make it my aim for this year to volunteer more and put my energy and effort into making a difference. I adore pets and have three dogs of my own, one of which was actually rescued from Manchester Dogs home who is now a very happy and healthy animal with constant care and attention from myself and many others.

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