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I am currently working full time within an elderly care home, and have been since November 2012, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  However I now feel it is time for a directional change from caring for the elderly to caring for animals, which has always been an ambition and passion of mine. 
Throughout my life I have cared for and looked after various animals; dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamster’s and even horses.  I regularly take friends and neighbour’s dogs for long walks and bathe them when required.
I am a 54 years young woman with the intention and ability to provide plenty of love and affection towards animals, which has been inbred in me since childhood. I have very strong ethics regarding the protection of animals and believe they deserve as much affection and care as humanly possible.
Given the opportunity to work with animals full time and or volunteering would be a dream come true for me, as I would be a valuable asset in the welfare of animals. I am a dedicated, reliable woman who learns quickly and not afraid to receive training, which may be required to progress in this field.

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