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Tries of Campbell orphan children center Uganda began in 2007 and offically registered in 2010 . it is a non .profitable organization under NGO - CBO organization which means Community based
organization and we are found in the very poor roots of the needier people in Uganda- East Africa . The organization has grown to more than 55 children and 5 old mothers plus 3 vounteers , its found in wakiso district in a Village called Nansana 7 miles from the capital city Kampala and from the international main Air port of uganda its 47 miles . The Orphanage center is a home for children who have lost their parents and very poor street kids . its a registered Charitable Center based in uganda . We started Tries of Campbell Orphan Children offically in 2010 with four children . We have the children house we Rent although we plan to build the children center kids homes - right we share two rooms for boys and one for girls

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