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Dear Friends,
My name is Joseph Paul, an IT professional from India with approx- 24 years of experience in IT industry along with 5 years full time volunteering at Firm foundation of PA INC. in Pennsylvania USA. Since I discussed with few UN volunteers about supporting short term volunteer programs in developing countries, I am in search of opportunities to help as much as I can by working with them. They encouraged me to register and make myself available for UNV programs worldwide and I am a full time volunteer now.
I can provide an eight week's computer software and hardware training for staff and interested local candidates free of cost for trouble shooting of hardware and maintenance of own computer systems as well as basic computer course to help them in regular office work and simple website designing.
I will be able to design and develop websites & other administrative software needed including opensource ERP, CRM as well as a crowd funding system for charity organisations free of cost and provide free servicing of computer hardware, printers, scanners etc if required.
I would like to setup computer learning centers to provide free computer courses & vocational training programs for children, youth and adults in every villages and towns to help the underprivileged find better Jobs and improve their lives.
I can help in fund raising and volunteer participation for good projects in Latin America and Caribbean through my support groups in Pennsylvania USA. Please let me know if you find any opportunity to help someone in need of volunteers with computer skills
I am dedicating my year 2015 for serving in South America and trying to join Charity programs in Ecuador, Peru, Columbia & Chile. I am starting to Ecuador by last week of January.
Please get back to me if you need any clarification or further information.
Thanking you

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