Jordan Owen-Clegg

Jordan Owen-Clegg

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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

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I am the Managing Director for Hamilton Securities, we are a smallish risk consultancy concentrating on fire and security in hostile environments. Over the past 10+ years I have worked with a variety of diverse clients and organisations, planning and implementing large scale security operations, which has given me the solid reputation of the efficient security specialist I am today.

I have proved myself as a competent, efficient, honest and diligent security manager who has a passion for detail, confidentiality and with an emphasis on providing an outstanding service.

I have an entrepreneurial mind and enjoy complex situations, which easily explains why I have such a passion for the work I do as Managing Director. I work to the ISO 31000 risk management principles, policies and framework which has given me the skillset to thrive under pressure, adapt and reprioritise in order to meet tight deadlines and deliver results.

Crucially, I am someone who delivers what he has promised and understands that discussion and planning must be followed by positive and relative action for effective changes to be implemented.

Due to my previous military career I have been at the epicentre of war, I have seen first hand the devastation and displacement that is caused by politcal and economic unrest. I therefore want to volunteer my services to do what I can in hostile envornments.

I look forward to hearing from charities who require assistance with their field security management teams/systems.

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Jordan Owen-Clegg

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