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John Lyall Charity provides education, nutrition and community projects for street children and their families in Wawa, a shanty town in the Philippines.

Wawa is an extremely poor area and houses are often inhabited by three generations of the same family. Their small wooden shacks have inadequate sanitation and are regularly damaged by typhoons. Around 40% of children do not attend school as their families rely on them to scavange or earn a meagre income selling fish in the market. As a result, children are malnourished and vulnerable to illness and abuse.

JLC are working to change this by providing the opportunity for adults to learn employable skills, classes for children to learn literacy and numeracy so that they can return to school, and a nutrition programme to feed children in school and educate patrents about healthy eating. We have also held child protection workshops and established a creche facility to keep children safe and off of the streets. Most importantly, we are bringing hope to Wawa for a better future.

We have already seen the positive impact that JLC projects are having on children and families in Wawa, but need your support to continue to improve lives.

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