John Hutchison

John Hutchison

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Manchester, Greater Manchester

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I am Head of Sales at Diversity Travel and have several year's experience in Business Travel Management. I joined Diversity Travel as I was attracted by the fact that the company specialises in providing Travel Management services to the Charity/not-for-profit sector.


Diversity Travel provides a fully integrated travel management service, with extensive experience of working with clients in the charity and not-for-profit sector. We have significant expertise in arranging travel to the familiar and more obscure corners of the globe, with access to exclusive charity air fares, specially negotiated, published and low cost carrier fares, in addition to a variety of other services such as hotel, rail, car hire and visa processing.

Diversity Travel is a leading travel management company focused on providing travel management services to the charity and not- for- profit sector. We have significant expertise in delivering a cost effective service to the Third Sector and clients can benefit from our charity/missionary airfares and full range of travel services.


Diversity Travel: 0161 235 5400


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