John Richard Jones

John Richard Jones

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Preston, Lancashire

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Having been a child with double special needs (gifted and brain damaged), life during my years of development wasnít easy as my mother was a widow and I was the only child. My mother looked after me for the necessities whereas I was motivated to progress and became very much self-taught.

Probably overcoming all these challenges and rebuilding my life has given me some understanding of how difficult it is for vulnerable people to have their needs catered for as well as understood and listened to as everyone should have a voice.

I like to help make a difference for such disadvantaged but donít like to be seen as blowing my own trumpet or trying to seek glory as I mean what I do from my heart.

It is hard to be fully appreciated of what my intentions are as there are so many pretentious people and fault-finders and I have had more than my share of being bullied by ones who cannot accept me for what I am.

I try to make victims aware of what the problems are in those who cause the problems and not to let weaknesses of such people become weak links in the lives of the victims. Weak links were put into my chain of life but I managed to put stronger links in parallel with the weak ones to remain strong.

Most disadvantaged people are held back by their circumstances rather than their own limitations.

I am into singing (baritone), a private maths tutor, an advanced driver, and more so I do help out where I can.

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