207(MANCHESTER) Field Hospital TA Volunteers

207(MANCHESTER) Field Hospital TA Volunteers

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Please support 207 (Manchester) Field Hospital (Volunteers) in raising money for Broughton House. The Unit is doing a number of events starting with Blackpool Half Marathon 7th April 2013

207 (Manchester) Field Hospital (Volunteers) is one of 11 TA field hospitals in the British Army and has centres in Manchester, Stockport, Ashton, Bury and Blackburn.

The unit has recently returned from a deployment to Afghanistan where our personnel worked in the Role 3 hospital in Camp Bastion providing healthcare to both soldiers and civilians in a fast paced, challenging environment.

Now they have returned they are taking their experience, leadership and new skills back to their NHS jobs where supportive employers are looking forward to reaping the benefits of allowing employees to deploy on Operations.

We are currently recruiting health professionals and professionals allied to medicine if you are interested in joining 207 Field Hospital, please contact 0161 232 4985 or email 207hosp-rhq-recruiting@mod.uk for an informal discussion with the recruiting team.

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