Joe Killeen

Joe Killeen

Current Location:
Fleet, Hampshire

My Profile

I am a motivated and ambitious individual, who always strives to achieve the highest possible standard. I possess a valuable ability to motivate others, coupled with the ability to communicate naturally at all levels, therefore ensuring an excellent working environment. I obtain four years of retail experience and showed during my degree that I can successfully combine my studies with work and other commitments. I relish learning and want to take on challenging opportunities to develop myself.

My motivations to fundraise or help chararties include:

  • Makes me feel better about myself, helping a cause or someone without a reward will make me feel like I'm giving something back to my local area.
  • It will help me gain experience for working in a different organisation I am not used to.
  • I will learn a lot from myself and about the local community.
  • Want to do something positive in my spare time.

I'm an active person so my interests involve mostly sports, from football to going to the gym and martial arts. I like to travel whenever I got the chance to somewhere I've never been before. Enjoy the thrill and adventure of doijng something new. 

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