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I'm Jess, 

I'm a mum of three, I've never really done any fundraising before but in 2012 I had a little boy called Max, and Max has quad cerebral palsy, his legs and arms are very stiff and this makes his mobility very limited, his means the smallest of tasks really hard for him, anyway we found this amazing charity called step and learn who provide something called conductive education, Conductive Education is an educational system that has been specifically developed for children and adults who have motor disorders of neurological origin such as cerebral palsy. It is based on the premise that a person who has a motor disorder may not only have a medical condition requiring treatment, but may often have a major problem in learning that requires special education. The spread of CE throughout the world has probably in large part been due to the advocacy of families who appear to have lost confidence in the existing systems of treatment. These families strongly regard CE as a potentially effective response to their needs. Max has been going for over a year now and his progress is amazing. We went from thinking Max would need full time care always, to maybe thinking he could have some level of independence one day, they really have been our shining light, and whether they know it or not we think they're amazing. Max has gone from a little boy that struggled to do anything independently to a little boy that can roll over independantly, switch (and this was so huge to us) on a toy so he can play it, a little boy whose fine motor skills have improved so much he can even play certain games on his iPad independently, and he can independently drink from a cup these are just a few of his achievments and these are all things we didn't know were a possibility as his arms were so stiff and his hands were mostly fisted as a little one.

so I am fundraising for Step and Learn, on May 28th I'm going to do a sponsored abseil, I'd really appreciate your support in this, not only because step and learn are more than deserving cause but coz I am a tiny bit terrified of heights! 

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