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Hi, my name is Jenni and I am a 21 year old student at Warwick University. I would like to volunteer for a charity full time over the summer months, as I would like to gain professional experience, while at the same time doing something productive and being part of a team who can help and change the lives of many people. I have a lot of experience with working with children, for example I have spent the past year teaching English at an Austrian school, I have worked running children's clubs on campsites for the past 3 summers, and I was a volunteer with the Guides and Brownies for 5 years. I therefore believe in the need to support and help children who are faced with problems and issues, whether it be bullying, abuse or illness. I appreciate the work children's charities do, as my young cousin was diagnosed with leukemia and the whole family was massively supported by the charity CLIC sargent. Since this date, myself and my family have donated, and fundraised for this charity, in order to try to help more people who find themselves in the same situation. Although my passion lies with helping children, I would also be interested in volunteering with other charities to widen my knowledge and find out more about how I could help in other areas. As my degree is French and German studies, I am fluent in both of these languages, and would also be interested in giving up my time to help charities who could benefit from my language skills.

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