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Hello firstly i cannot upload a picture of myself,as i dont have that facility on my laptop.

I live on a small income which is Income Support and Incapacity Benefits.I used to have my own computer agency in  Wembley Middx in 1979,but it ended as myself and working partner had a fall out.I than met the Father of my Son and we opened a bread and cakes and a kosher delicatessen,we ran this business with all our energy and love,as we had a 11month old baby it was very hard work,we struggled through and lastest 6years,in that time i wasent able to give our Son all the attention he needed but he went to a private school and was very clever and recieved a scholarship to his secondary school.Myself and my partner had broken up by then the strain of the shop and a normal relationship had gone.I bought my Son up on my own and worked as a cleaner,working from 8am-till-4pm then picked up my son after school and doing peoples ironing at home.

I worked very hard,which in my later years ended up with Degenerative Disc Desease and Arthritis,and COPD,my back happened because i would pull peoples furniture out to clean and when we had the shop it was constant lifting heavy boxes,my COPD does not allow me (and my Arthritis)to be able to work.I used to live in the Borough of Brent,i rented a small flat out formyself and my Son,and things were ok we had a roof over us and food in our stomachs,we lived in the flat for 11years,untill one day the landlord decided he wanted to double my rent,well this was impossible for me to be able to earn that much money.

My Son went to live in Milton Keynes with his father and Grandparents,who by now(Aaron was 17)he got a job straight away.i went in to temporary accomadation,which was terrible,i in fact got hold of my local MP and he helped me get out of the rat hole that was costing the government  112pounds a week.i eventually got out of there and was offered a 1bedroomed flat i Welwyn Garden City which is my current address,it is a very nice area and i have lived there for 10years now,my problems are i cant get out much because of my Disabilitys and i am constantly live in overdraft. I have no life insurance,no Broadband No Land line ,not much of a life.I feel totally isolated and depressed i gtake anti depressants(Prozac)which i have been on for many years,i also am addited to Diazapam and Amitriptyline which i take at night as i cannot sleep because of pain,with my back and coughing because of my COPD.I have a very poor diet as i have to pay my bills and thefore i cant afford to eat well.I have applied for Disablity Allowance but because of all the changes i am not giving it,i have a support worker who visits me frequently which i thank god for as i dont see my son as much as i would like to as he works 6days a week .I have never written to a Charity before,so i hope that i have explained my plight well enough.

                                     Yours sincerely

                                        J A Honnor

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