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My grandad was diagnosed with cancer when I was 2, my whole life he went in and out of hospital with his treatment and stuff. It was something we just got on with. 16 years later he then got diagnosed with a tumour on his liver and he just got extremely ill.  A lot worse than I had ever seen him. All my life he was this incredible man that spent every single day living his life as his last. He did Karate until he was 79 even though he had cancer, it just didnít stop him. No matter how ill he felt he was always smiling even the last year of his life. For 17 years my grandad gave a great fight and I witnessed this man who was determined not to let cancer ruin his life. He was my inspiration to do anything in life. He told me to never give up. I lived in Telford Shropshire for the last year of his life studying foundation art, he was in Southam Warwickshire, 90 minutes away on the train. So knowing that he was going to die very soon he had to choose a charity to help support him. He chose Macmillan. I wanted to show my grandad how proud of him I was. I decided that I was going to shave my hair off to support him and to raise some money to a great charity. I raised £700 and had no hair left! 7 months later I was in Manchester with my college and I get the call that I never wanted to come. My grandad was dying. I got a coach from Manchester to Telford and a train from Telford to Coventry to say goodbye to a man that was my inspiration, to a man that meant the absolute world to me. I sat by his side until he took his last breath and promised him that I would do my best to make him proud.

Now I am looking for different charities to help raise money for. There are hundreds of Charites so it will be hard to choose but I am planning to raise money for charities that mean a lot to me. I want to help out people who need help and I want to do it for my grandad because he was the most generous man in the world. I want to make him proud.

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