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Having recently returned from a life changing 18 month round the world journey, I would like to offer my assistance to charities in my own country.

I was privileged enough to have first hand experience working in different local communities within the 22 countries that I visited. From working in a earthquake wrecked state in Peru to working with endangered Olive green sea turtles in Chennai I managed to gain vital experience that I enjoyed contributing towards and also making a difference.

I was upset with the amount of child poverty and rape victims that I was faced on a regular basis. Having returned back to London and finding out that this is also happening on my front door is something that I would like to help eradicate.

My enjoy reading especially non fiction books. Travelling is always going to be part of my life and listening/dancing to music. I like to challenge myself through different forms of fitness either it be walking to places/cycling, hiking, anything that allows me to be outdoors with the environment.




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