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Hi im James,

Next year my school is arranging for a select number of students to go over and create facilitys for our partner school Dutch Komenda.my school has been supportng the charity partner ghana for the last 5 years an in that time we have managed to create facilitys such as: cantine,playground,computer room,painted the classrooms, funded all neccary eqipment and this year we hope to improve that by creating even more we are not only helping the students that go to the school but the whole surrounding community.

However achieving this is going to be no easy task, i will have to raise £2000 plus moreover we will most definatly not be staying in a hotel but living in each individulal one man tents.surrounded by mosqito nets and will be cooking over a gas stove.

I will be taking part in a series of chritble events and hopefully some of you generouse people can put a few donations forward.

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