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Given the significant business impacts from cyber crime, for any organisation, the first line of defence must be the education of business leaders in cyber security and privacy. Cyber Management Alliance’s (CMA’s) cyber security and data privacy training programs deliver a comprehensive value proposition enabling an organisation to gain the additional competitive edge by creating an informed and empowered workforce.

CMA’s education programs cater to both non-technical, business focused executives and the deep technically apt workforce.

Our Non-Technical Business Focused Courses

Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials (CSPE). CSPE is CMA’s flagship half-a-day training program and has gained the respected CCT (CESG Certified Training) approval. This course is available to both business level executives ranging from the CEO and below and also to the non-technical staff of an organisation. Those who chose to attempt and pass the CSPE exam are awarded the Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials Certificate.

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