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I am 22  years old and keen to help others in need. My sister was born with a disability called Sotos syndrome and required constant support with simple daily tasks. I frequently helped my mother and although it was tough it was worth every second to see her progress past medical expectations. Once she became more independent I decided to volunteer my time to The Springboard Project in West Sussex where I helped children of a variety of ages with different severities of needs. I went on to get a qualification in Childcare and Education and since then have worked with children within an SEBD facility; proving very challenging but extremely rewarding. I am now a mother to a baby gurl which has further spurred me on to begin volunteering some of my time again as I keep thinking that if ever the time came where she feel seriously ill or was statemented with a disability then various organisations that offer support would be life changing and I would like to help others where ever I can! 

My personal interests are typically girly; I love fashion and beauty (i.e nails, hair, make up). I am an active person who is very social and I love to try new activities. I also enjoy cooking and baking. 

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