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Hello and welcome to my fundraising page! 

Thank you for clicking on my link and reading about what I am trying to achieve for a great cause.

firstly what I am trying to achieve is cycling from John o groats all the way to lands end and that's an awfully long way, in fact we will be traveling close to 1000 miles! (Ouch). I will be embarking on this journey with at least two others as we all try and raise money for our respected charities.

The charity I am rasing money for is Caudwell children, Caudwell children are simply incredible, please take some time to look into the work for children and families of children who suffer with variably different disabilities. the money you will donate will be going towards buying equipment for families who struggle to to afford the everyday support their children need. 

Thank you again for you time and hopefully for your donations.

kind regards 

Jack Waddington 

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