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I currently live in Chiswick but spend about half the week at my girlfriend's flat in Marylebone. I have lived in London all my life and grew up in Chiswick in a family of four. I have one older sister with whom I have a great relationship. I went to sixth form at St Benedict's School in Ealing where I studied Biology, Physics, Maths and Sports Science. After school I took a year out to do some travelling and went all over the world. I then went on to study Physiological science at the University of Bristol. I had a great time at University and met a lot of excellent friends. I played a wide variety of sports including rugby, football, cricket, golf, tennis, squash ect! I enjoyed socialising with friends and going out on the weekends.

After university I did a three month internship at a sports marketing agency in London, after this I joined the sponsorship department of my current company, Carat. I worked in the sponsorship department for about 18 months and have recently moved to the social media department. In this role I basically advise big brands on how to use social media. In my spare time I am still very busy and active. I have a long term girlfriend and a large group of friends. I am about to start learning Spanish and love travelling.

I have wanted to apply for a charity for some time but have been slightly worried about the commitment. I have been very lucky in my life having always been surrounded by great friends and a loving family. I have never been lonely and this has made me think a lot about who I would most like to give back to. I would love to help elderly people. I think elderly people stuggling alone is the saddest thing and when I think of myself growing old I would hate to be alone. Having been surrounded by people your whole life it must be horrible to see your friends pass on and struggle to survive. I am concious that I don't want to over commit myslef considering how busy I am with work. I want to voluteer my time to help out for an evening a week and every couple of weeks a weekend too. Or it could be a smaller amount of time a few nights a week. I may well end up being able to give more time but I don't want to over promise or make my career suffer. I would be totally committed to helping but want to make sure I can deliver what I offer.

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