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2016 Goals and races:


Personal Goal - to run 100miles in the month of January [31/01/16 = 101.5miles] : COMPLETE

Martathon 2016: R = Running; 3x 5k/3.107mi (minimum) or 25mins (whichever comes first) & C= Cardio; 2x 'non-running cardio' exercise 25mins per session (progression throughout January) : COMPLETE

R W1 D1 [*] W1 D2 [*] R W1 D3 [*] C W1 D1 [*] C W1 D2 [*]

R W2 D1 [*] W2 D2 [*] R W2 D3 [*] C W2 D1 [*] C W2 D2 [*]

R W3 D1 [*] W3 D2 [*] R W3 D3 [*] C W3 D1 [*] C W3 D2 [*]

R W4 D1 [*] W4 D2 [*] R W4 D3 [*] C W4 D1 [*] C W4 D2 [*] 

Virtual Run: UK Mudd Queens Virtual Run 2 - 5k run with tiara optional & mud/puddles [done - 3.3miles 02/01/2016] : COMPLETE

Virtual Run: Virtual Runner January 2016 Race - 10k [done - 7.1miles 12/01/2016] : COMPLETE

Virtual Run: UK Mudd Kings Virtual Run - 5k (with obstacles & a carry)  [done - 3.5miles 23/01/2016] : COMPLETE **AWARDED ONE OF 2 GOLD BLING MEDALS FOR MY ENTRY**


Alexathon 2016

R = Running; 3x 5k/3.107mi (minimum) or 25mins (whichever comes first) & S= Cardio; 2x strength exercise 30mins per session.

(progression throughout February): (PARTIALLY COMPLETE DUE TO VIRAL INFECTIONS)

R W1 D1 [*] W1 D2 [*] R W1 D3 [*] S W1 D1 [*] S W1 D2 [*]

R W2 D1 [*] W2 D2 [*] R W2 D3 [*] S W2 D1 [*] S W2 D2 [*]

R W3 D1 [*] W3 D2 [*] R W3 D3 [*] S W3 D1 [*] S W3 D2 [*]

R W4 D1 [*] W4 D2 [*] R W4 D3 [*] S W4 D1 [*] S W4 D2 [*]

February 7th: Stourbridge Stagger 7km Ladies Trail race [offical time: 45:12, position 35 our of 81 - Strava time 44:10)

Virtual Run: The Badger Run - 10k  [done - 7.4miles 28/02/2016] : COMPLETE


March 12th: Marshalling Midlands Major OCR Race [COMPLETE - marshalled Rifle Range with Martin Kelsen]

March 13th: Silverstone Half Marathon 2016 [COMPLETE - OFFICAL TIME 2:14:17]

Virtual Run: BOLD the cold for MIND - 5k run [] to be done by 31/03/2016 (YET TO BE DONE - postponed until winter months)


RMR London challenge (run 26.2miles in April) [COMPLETE - TOTAL 33.7MILES]

April 9th: Marshalling Reaper OCR *Day Race* [COMPLETE - marshalled ropeless wall with Gareth Sparrowhawk]

April 9th: Running Reaper OCR *Night Race* [COMPLETE - 11.2km 01:45:00 with Nicky Haynes & Lorna Eachus]


May 1st: Birmingham 10k (for Team TomTom, SRC) [COMPLETE - OFFICAL CHIP TIME 1:03:27]

May 4th: Starwars Shropshire Hills Half Marathon [COMPLETED WITH MY BROTHER STU-BOP - STRAVA TIME 5:02:09 - 16.1mi (we & a few others went the wrong way lol) ]

May 6th: Virtual Runner Revenge of the Sixth - any distance run [COMPLETE - 5.1miles STRAVA TIME 56.14


June 1st - June 30th: Nutters on the Run June Challenge; run or walk (or a combination) 5k or 25mins (whichever comes first) every day [COMPLETE - 30 DAYS DONE]

June 5th: Dirty Girls Mud Run (12pm wave) [COMPLETED - NOT TIMED APPROX 1 HOUR THOUGH]


Nutters on the Run Challenge: run/walk as many miles in July: [COMPLETE - 234.6miles COVERED]

July 2nd: Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon (with Vicky Swanson - 30th bday pressie) [COMPLETED - OFFICIAL CHIP TIME 02:33:45]

July 16th: Muddy Furlong 60 furlongs OCR (wave: 11:30am) [COMPLETE - 6.9miles 02:30:33 with Andy Reid]

July 29th - 31st: UK Mudd Queens Snowdon Trip [COMPLETE; climbed Snowdon Saturday (up 4.12miles 02:18:43, down 4.06miles 02.21.40) & Bounce Below Sunday]

July 2nd - August 12th: Severn Trent Summer Steps Challenge (Team Captain of the Waste Water Wenches):

Week 1) Saturday 2nd July to Friday 8th July = 312,472 steps (personal steps: 120,268) 

Week 2) Saturday 9th July to Friday 15th July = 274,483 steps (personal steps: 128,985)

Week 3) Saturday 16th to Friday 22nd July = 317,694 steps (personal steps: 130,277)

Week 4) Saturday 23rd July to Friday 29th July = 289,967 steps (personal steps: 83,103)

Week 5) Saturday 30th July to Friday 5th August = 289,358 steps (personal steps: 119,042)

Week 6) Saturday 6th August to Friday 12th August = 308,176 (personal steps: 112,182)

As a team we ended in 51st place out of 133 teams :)



Personal Challenge: run/walk at least 5k every day: [MANAGED NEARLY EVERY DAY - SEE FACEBK FOR DETAILS]


August 6th: Stourbridge Stumble - 10k (6pm) [COMPLETE - OFFICAL TIME 1:09:22]

August 12th: DK & SRC Magic Mile [PB - 1 mile 7mins 44secs]

August 13th: Mudnificent7 (12:15pm wave) [COMPLETED WITH AIMEE CROSSFIELD - TIME 03:19:33 5.4miles]


August 27th: UK Mudd Queen Obstacle Taster Day [COMPLETE - including the Death Slide - TWICE!]


September 3rd: Marshal Spartan Sprint - Peterbourgh [COMPLETE - marshalled barbed wire with Vicky Swanson]

September 4th: Marshal & Run Spartan Super 7.6mi OCR - Peterborough [COMPLETE - marshalled block pull by myself, then ran with Vicky Swanson. official chip time: 03:26:32]

Septmber 23rd: Neon Night Run - 5k night run at Himley Hall [COMPLETE - ran with Lisa Mia Edwards, Strava time: 43:56]


October 1st: Marshal & Run Spartan Sprint 4.8mi OCR - Windsor [COMPLETE - marshalled junior rope climb with Vicky Swanson, then ran with Vicky. Strava time: 01:57:26]

October 2nd: Run Spartan Beast 16.2mi OCR - Windsor [COMPLETE - ran with Vicky Swanson then around mile 12 Erica joined us. Strava time: 06:16:48]

October 22nd: Midlands Major 6.8mi OCR Race - Running [COMPLETE - ran with Martin Kelsen. official chip time: 01:36:21]

October 30th: Bridgnorth 10k run [COMPLETE - official chip time: 01:05:28]


November 6th: Virtual Poppy Run (11am 5km run) [COMPLETE - Strava time: 37:37]


Postponed Virtual Run: BOLD the cold for MIND from March - 5k run [COMPLETE 24th December - Strava time: 42:04] 

December 11th: 'Santa Jog' - 5k @ Mary Stevens Park with munchkins Ava and Penny [COMPLETE - watch failed and only tracked 1.1miles Strava time: 19:51]

December 31st: Personal 'in memory of my mom' Run [COMPLETE 6.6miles - Strava time: 01:17:05]

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