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Pak Kids Academy established in 1995 with 6 students, now it is based on 600 students and 350 students are orphan and poor. Registered from sindh board in Karachi in the year 2005. It is located in Karachi Pakistan. Pak Kids academy have a  history in Karachi . We are working here in Pakistan with missionary spirit, facing all kinds of challenges, difficulties, injustice with minorities’ and children, force conversion, discriminate and blasphemy laws, even than we are serving an education to poor childrens those who can not afford education

There is an urgent need of the unprivileged children and to help a school for its renovation. It needs repair and maintenance. It is built in a rural area to fulfill the needs, of the unprivileged children in order to support the marginalized families. 

The Christians live among the Muslim majority.  They all are labor class; working in the factories, with the land lords, many of them are brick-kilns, others work on daily wages with low income. The women who work in the Muslim houses have to take their young girls with them, so as to help them in their work and yet to earn more income. Regardless, this income also proves as insufficient to their needs and benefit.

The living situation of the children is not sound. Most of them are street children, killing their time in the street roaming and playing and after growing up they fall in child labor. The social environment is not in favor of children. They learn social evils and child abuse.

Pak Kids Academy is a school serving the needs of the poor. We  are trying our best to promote education and formation through our school. We are serving poor Christian families even poor Muslims. The most important is education and formation of families and children for their growth and development; educational, mental, psychological, moral and faith formation as well.

Pak Kids Academy School has a vital role in their education and formation for marginalized people. There is an urgent need to maintain this important Christian institution, to provide the good atmosphere and educational facilities to the students.

The climatic circumstance; in summer is very hot and winter is cold. Many times they do not have proper clothing for proper season and weather. They are unable to buy proper uniform and school material.




This program will promote education among the community and to draw them out from the oppression and exploitation. It will support the society for the protection of the children.



The society will be pleased, subjected families will be happy and children will be comfortable and feel at ease. Duration will be six to twelve months.




The purpose, aim and goal, idea, plan and target is to literate the coming generation, develop the community in all its phases  and make the society worth living with peace, harmony and tolerance. The intention is to eradicate the poverty from the society which is the basic cause and root of the social evils and many abuses. The idea behind this program is to promote and develop the social justice and up lift the social states of the oppressed community

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