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ilyas mohamed

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bolton, Lancashire

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I was born in Bolton Greater Manchester, i am 33 years old and currently learning joinery and bricklaying at blackburn college. In the near future i wish to become a builder and have my own business. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister all are married and have plentyful children. most days i pass time at home with the children causing a meyhem, but recently i have had more time as they are moving to there own homes and growing up. i myself had a child who passed away.

My reasons for joining to help people has come about by noticing the problems and overall distruction of humanity by our peers. growing up i have noticed i always wanted to help someone if i see some one struggle i try to help if its in my reach. i simply want to get out there more to really make a diffrence. when i know i have done something that has made a positive change in someones life or wellbeing it makes me feel at ease as i myself struggle with depression. well thats he medical term for it. but i say its just what people do to others that makes them hurt, and my way to deal with the pain is to be around those that need support.

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