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This year, in November, I will be travelling abroad with VSO as an ICS volunteer in order to make a difference in a less economically developed country.

I have decided to do this as I want to make a difference myself and see it unfold in a blossoming community. This is the best opportunity I have found that will allow me to directly help other people in need yet will also allow myself to develop as a person and continue to appreciate everything I have in my own life. 

My goal is £800 which I need to raise in order to help fund the projects that myself and other volunteers (from the UK and the host country) will be carrying out. Briefly put, I will be presenting to people within the local community, spreading awareness and teaching inhabitants of the area about health, welfare and the importance of education. I will be sure to keep anyone that once to see the progress, updated with pictures, videos and messages because your donations will also be contributing to being able to help these people therefore you have a right to see the results too!

I also want this to be an opportunity to inspire YOU to participate in this sometime soon, whether it's with ICS or another association. As a background, ICS is the International Citizen Service and people who are 18-25 can participate (though if you're 23-25 you'll be mentoring) in making the world a better place. VSO is a partner organisation (there are 7 others) which works in Asian and African countries. 

I anticipate this to be one of the most challenging events that I have and will ever do in my life (and so it should, considering it's a once in a lifetime opportunity) and I want to prove to myself that I can do it because the results will be fulfilling! 

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